Guus is a partner at Raft, a design consultancy in Amsterdam and a podcast host for Let's fix things.

Guus Baggermans

Guus Baggermans


Guus is a Design Lead at argodesign, a global design agency, and a podcast host for Let's fix things. He believes in learning through creation. His focus is on building experiential prototypes to understand, inspire and communicate. He aims to create experiences that leave a smile on people‚Äôs faces.

argodesign is a product design consultancy, growth partner to entrepreneurs, and incubator ofnew products and experiences. At raft Guus drives and directs public transport and tourism programs. Guus is also responsible for experimenting with the latest technologies in design simulations. As co-host of the podcast Let's fix things Guus and Joe Fletcher assess the impact of technological innovation on the landscape of business and design. In the past he was one of the Founders of Raft, a strategy and design consultancy in Amsterdam and frog, helping several companies in different sectors such as telecommunication, automotive and handset manufacturers.

Outside the office Guus loves to work on projects that deal with time by designing prototypes offer different ways of experiencing the perception of time from a human perspective.